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Where the outcome of the “CHILD”is more important than the outcome of the "GAME"


Spring Registration coming soon

Please check back for Spring training registration


Thank you to all in our soccer village who helped this season

As we have said in the trophy ceremonies there are so many people that have contributed so much time to make our soccer program successful.


Mark Salerno

Alex Ocasio

Andrew Wright

Sharon Allen

Lissette Outen

Steve Thompson

It was a pleasure working with you all this season thank you for all your time and hard work to make this season such a success. Looking forward to next season.


A special thank you to Hackensack DPW for the upkeep of the fields and always lining the fields for us.


To the Recreation center Pat Ruggiero, Steve Savage, Bill Monarque, thank you for all your help & support this season.

Ronnie Hellpap thank you for taking care of the concession stand and stocking it for me every week.


 Natalie DeCambre                      

Phil Fernandez

 John Meneses                              

Kelly Iwaki                      

Christina Rosario                         

 Dave & Heather Coleman         

Gus & Liz Sauane           

Celestine Eze                                 

Ray Garcia,

Steve Thompson,                         

Milton Chimbay

Fabian Gonzalez                           

ShaVonne Honor

Denise Ingallinera          

 Steve Thompson                         

Jayson  Ramirez,

Jorge Peralta,                                

Bryan Lucky Heard

David Caulfield,                                          

Randy Romines,             

Sarah Malvasia                             

Sharon A Allen,                           

  Brian Edis

Mark Salerno,                               

Alex Ocasio

Manny  Viera                               

   Hector Ferrer

thank you for all your time and cooperation during the season.

It was a pleasure having you coach and We look forward to many seasons together.

Our referees:


Ruben Vargas                               

Andres Lopez

Julianna Kowal                              

Kiara Moss

Tania Jaramillo                             


Jordyn Hellpap                             


Bryan Gonzalez                           

  Andrew Vargas                             

Pablo Andrade


It truly takes a village to make it work and we are so grateful for our village. See you all in the spring.

Enjoy the holidays.



Dear Coaches, Parents and Friends:
When you head out to the facility this year, you will be entering a
designed or set apart for your child athlete. The purpose of a SPORTSMANSHIP
ZONE is to create a stress-free, instructional, non-competitive or less-competitive
sports environment (where every child can feel safe, accepted and loved. A place
where every child can learn new things WITHOUT FEAR). We need your help to
create an atmosphere that is positive, fun supportive, teaches, and encourages
sportsmanship for all players.
Please join and become a
Sportsmanship Zone Spectator by following the Sportsmanship Pledge:
1. I will support and encourage my game officials. Most of them are
young and impressionable just like my player.
2. I will allow my coach to coach my child by providing
encouragement and reinforcement. I will leave team instruction
and directions to my child’s coach.
3. I will help encourage my player to keep the Sportsmanship Zone
clean by picking up and throwing away litter.
4. I will support Sportsmanship Zones as drug, tobacco, and alcohol
free zones.
5. I will communicate with site supervisors or league directors if I
have questions or concerns.
6. I will positively support my player. I will display good
7. I will hug, hi-five and celebrate my child for who they are.
8. I will laugh, smile and have fun. I will cheer using positive
reinforcement for everyone.
9. I will be involved in my child’s youth sport experience.
10. I will remember that these are just kids, and it’s only a game.

The outcome of the “child” is more important than the outcome of the game.