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Make up games for the 11 & up

Saturday October 18th at 4PM

Blue vs Silver on Grass field,

Green vs Yellow on Turf

(October 11th schedule).


Make up games on Sunday October 19

5&6 year olds on grass at 12:30

7&8 year olds on grass 1:30




Where the outcome of the “CHILD”is more important than the outcome of the "GAME"



Training sessions ( practices)

will begin the week of

September 15, 2014 and will end the week of November 5, 2014

The schedule is as follows

5&6 division Mondays 6pm – 7PM

9&10 division Mondays 7pm – 8:30pm


7&8 division Wednesdays 6pm - 7pm

11&up division Wednesdays 7pm – 8:30pm





This years uniforms

This year our uniforms were purchased from SCORE Sports.

Many of you have commented on the Camouflage print. They were purchased with the intention of giving back to the many men and women who have given so much for our freedom.

     Homes for Our Troops
At SCORE Sports we recognize and appreciate the sacrifices made by veterans, active military and their family members. As our company is rooted in the USA we want to show our support for those who have fought for our country.

With the launch of our camouflage jersey a portion of each jersey sale will be donated to Homes for Our Troops. The donation will go towards building homes for severely injured Veterans and their families.

Facts on Homes for Our Troops…

• The homes provided by Homes for Our Troops are given at no cost to the Veterans
• Only 9.6% of revenue has been spent on overhead since its inception in 2004
• Over 150 homes have been built thus far with over 20 currently in progress

By purchasing the camouflage jersey for yourself or your team, you can help build homes for our Veterans.

To learn more about Homes for Our Troops visit www.hfotusa.org.


Dear Coaches, Parents and Friends:
When you head out to the facility this year, you will be entering a
designed or set apart for your child athlete. The purpose of a SPORTSMANSHIP
ZONE is to create a stress-free, instructional, non-competitive or less-competitive
sports environment (where every child can feel safe, accepted and loved. A place
where every child can learn new things WITHOUT FEAR). We need your help to
create an atmosphere that is positive, fun supportive, teaches, and encourages
sportsmanship for all players.
Please join and become a
Sportsmanship Zone Spectator by following the Sportsmanship Pledge:
1. I will support and encourage my game officials. Most of them are
young and impressionable just like my player.
2. I will allow my coach to coach my child by providing
encouragement and reinforcement. I will leave team instruction
and directions to my child’s coach.
3. I will help encourage my player to keep the Sportsmanship Zone
clean by picking up and throwing away litter.
4. I will support Sportsmanship Zones as drug, tobacco, and alcohol
free zones.
5. I will communicate with site supervisors or league directors if I
have questions or concerns.
6. I will positively support my player. I will display good
7. I will hug, hi-five and celebrate my child for who they are.
8. I will laugh, smile and have fun. I will cheer using positive
reinforcement for everyone.
9. I will be involved in my child’s youth sport experience.
10. I will remember that these are just kids, and it’s only a game.

The outcome of the “child” is more important than the outcome of the game.